Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Seven Most Important Step In Selling. (1) Precall Preparation, (2) Pre

Seven most important step in selling. (1) Precall Preparation, (2) Preapproch, (3) approach,(4) Presentation, (5) managing resistance, (6) closing the sale, and (7) postsale activities First step call Precall Preparation. At this stage salespeople should prepare themselves Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally. They should develop positive sales image, self-esteem, self-worth, and self confidence. In addition they must gather information on competitor and the understand as much as possible about the customers they serve. Second step is the PREAPPROACH . It involves determining suitable prospects and planing strategy. At this stage he or she should start planing and maps out the strategies that they will use to satisfy the prospect's need. Third step is APPROCH. At this stage they should establish positive contact with the potential buyer. Their primary concerns should be opening the sales interview appropriately, getting the prospect interest, building mutual respect and trust, Forth step is PRESENTATION. At this stage salesperson should discuss the product with customers. Fifth step is MANAGING RESISTANCE. At this stage they should learn to negotiating solutions and providing seller with feedback. They must always be ready to negotiate a win- win solution, which means learning to manage resistance. Sixth step is CLOSING THE SALE. At this stage recognizing buying signals, inserting trial closes, and asking for the order are the main functions of the closing step. Seventh step is POSTSALE ACTIVITIES. This is final stage of the personal selling process. After the sale activities is as important as during sale. Activities such as sending thank you note, making sure that the customer receives prompt delivery and excellent service, and making call back schedule all help to facilitate a long-term relationship in business.

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