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Zambia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Zambia - Essay Example The authors provide refreshing ideas on how Zambian wealth could be enhanced through formulation of better policies on environment in a country that heavily relies on copper mining for its economic mainstay. The authors acknowledge that development of Zambian economy mainly relies on â€Å"prudent environmental management†. To ensure the preservation of wealth in the country, Aongola et al emphasize on the need of promoting â€Å"sustainable development† in all sectors of Zambian economy. The authors refer extensively to previous research on Zambian economy and resources. This article provided me with a wider perspective of Zambian natural resources and social, political impediments that causes unsustainable utilization of resources. 2. Campbell, et al. Miombo woodlands: Opportunities and barriers to sustainable forests management. 2007. 2 June 2011. Retrieved from The authors are natural resou rces experts, with many years of teaching experience in Universities across southern Africa. This article focuses on the Miombo Woodland, extensive tropical and seasonal woodland that covers an approximately 2.7 million Km2 across seven southern African countries including Zambia. The authors provide an overview of the critical role that Miombo woodland play in maintaining livelihoods of about 100 million inhabitants in southern Africa. The authors note, â€Å"high poverty levels in these countries have resulted to overexploitation of the woodland, a situation that threatens the ecological balance in Zambia†. This article provides an important contribution to this paper by highlighting the importance of Miombo woodland resources in mitigating poverty in Zambia and other southern African states. 3. Dorothy, F. A review of economic, governance and natural resource policy reform in southern Africa, with special reference to the case of Zambia. 11 Oct 2004. 1 June 2011. Retrieved from This article focuses on the economic, governance and natural resources policies in Zambia. The author identifies lack of equitable and sustainable economic development as the main challenges that undermine social, political and economic development in Zambia. The author attributes the current environmental and economic problems in Zambia to previous political regimes in the country that instigated â€Å"poor political systems and environmental policies in the country†. The article provides a refreshing historical overview of Zambian political evolution and how it has influenced exploitation of natural resources in the country to date. 4. Jumbe, et al. Contributions of the Dry Forests to Rural Livelihoods and the National Economy in Zambia. 2007. 2 June 2011. Retrieved from The authors have critically evaluated the role of dry forests in enhanc ing economy of Zambia especially in the rural regions. According to the authors, dry forests in Zambia are important sources of wood, firewood, honey, wild fruits, traditional medicine, agriculture and an important source of income among the rural residents. This article is refreshing because it focuses on forest, an important non- mining resource in the Zambian economy. 5. MTENR. National Policy on Environment: Zambia. May 2005. 1 June 2011. The article is the policy document of the Zambian government on the environment and it highlights the strategic goals of development through utilization of natural resources. The government ministries, including tourism, environment and natural resou

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